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Akumina is a state-of-the-art Employee Experience Platform that empowers enterprises worldwide to drive engagement, productivity, and innovation.  We firmly believe the tools you use at work should be simple and intuitive, to which they often are not.  For most, the digital tools we use at home are much more visceral than those at the office.  With an increasingly dispersed workforce, productivity is taking a hit much to the fault of outdated technology and content graveyards.

The goal of AkuminaEXP is to connect employees to their business, their tasks, and each other. Akumina offers a customizable and brandable platform that seamlessly integrates with the entire Microsoft tech stack as well as hundreds of other external applications.  Employees are a company’s most important stakeholders and AkuminEXP provides them with everything from a wellness engine and company communications to collaboration and team connectivity. Akumina’s single interface provides solutions for all stakeholders company-wide, with an emphasis on IT, Human Resources, and Internal Communications. 

Trusted by some of the largest global organizations, including Sherwin Williams, MassMutual, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Crocs, our software is leveraged in over 80 countries and is available in 60 different languages.  It is a fully customized platform we encourage organizations to take advantage of to improve their digital workplaces for all. 

Through the years, Akumina and Geodesic have had many successes together.  Geodesic has consulted with several current Akumina customers and has ultimately played a vital role in the decision-making process.  


In July 2021, Geodesic’s Christian Heraty collaborated with VP of Global Marketing at Akumina, Samantha Kenney, as part of the intranet giant’s Employee Experience Academy series.  The duo talked briefly regarding challenges business have faced and will continue to face as many employees return to the office.  Many organizations are gaining momentum as they maintain hybrid workplaces and it doesn’t go without thanks to individuals sharing these kinds of conversations.  

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